8 Reasons Why Finding your Purpose is Good for Your Health

Curious about how to discover your purpose?

Pull out a journal and reflect on the following:

Passion, purpose, profession is the coveted trifecta. It is available to you. And, your health and well-being will benefit from it.

Here are 8 health benefits for leading a life rooted in purpose.

  • Individuals with a high sense of purpose have a lower risk of developing a stroke, heart attack, or coronary artery disease.
  • Purpose gives your brain resilience. It makes your brain stronger and more resistant to the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
  • It results in better time management. When you’re rooted in purpose each day it clarifies your priorities and makes time management a skill you value and hone over time. When you are more productive there is a sense of fulfillment which keeps the body in a relaxed state and stress levels manageable.
  • You are happier. When you wake up each day excited to do purpose-driven work it gives your day a sense of meaning and importance that would otherwise be absent.
  • It boosts your sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Knowing that the work you do benefits others releases mood boosting hormones that help to buoy your mood. This doesn’t mean every day is rainbows and unicorns, it means the overall tenor of your life is positive. You have a cultivated resiliency that allows you bounce back from a rough day. And, we all have rough days. It’s part of being human.
  • You will have ownership and a sense of accomplishment about your purpose-fulfilled work. A pride that comes from knowing you’re making a difference. This pride gives you a sense of worth and value which in turn motivates you to take care of yourself. Self-care is really a manifestation of self-love.
  • You are kinder to yourself when you hit setbacks or failure. When you’re on a mission that is aligned with your values, passions and purpose, nothing can stop you. Failure becomes not a roadblock but just an obstacle for you get around. It’s just part of the journey. This change in perspective bolsters your drive and determination to keep moving forward towards your goals.
  • It reduces feelings of stress. When you are happier, more resilient and prioritizing your self-care, stress becomes manageable. It becomes a state that you recognize, assess and handle. You learn to distinguish the “excited” stress of anticipation and the dark side of stress that brings on feelings of anxiety, shame, inadequacy, and guilt. When you are aligned with purpose and your actions support your intentions and values there is no place for shame, inadequacy or guilt.




Ashley is a certified integrative health coach, writer, and workshop facilitator. She empowers others to create a healthy, balanced life. #wholelifebalance

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Ashley Logan

Ashley Logan

Ashley is a certified integrative health coach, writer, and workshop facilitator. She empowers others to create a healthy, balanced life. #wholelifebalance

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